Monday, November 30, 2015

Standard Digital News - Kenya : Police arrest Iranian-trained suspects allegedly planning attack in Kenya

Police arrest Iranian-trained suspects allegedly planning attack in Kenya By Standard Reporter Updated Saturday, November 28th 2015 at 17:11 GMT +3 Share this story: Share on Facebook Tweet Google Plus Linkedin 86 Comments Suspects Abubakar Sadiq Louw (left) and Yassin Sambai Juma  have admitted to conspiring to mount terror attacks against western targets in Kenya. Nairobi: Police have arrested two Kenyans suspected to have been recruited into an Iranian terror ring to carry terror strikes targeting both locals and foreigners in the country. Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet said the two, Abubakar Sadiq Louw (69) and Yassin Sambai Juma (25), were instructed to recruit more Kenyans into the ring. Police are interrogating the suspects with an aim of squeezing more information from them. Abubakar is a senior figure in Nairobi Shiite community. According to police sources, he was arrested on October 29 after a long intensive police investigation. He admitted recruiting young Kenyans to spy and mount terror attacks in Nairobi. He was working on behalf of the Qods Force, the clandestine overseas military wing of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), which carries out the terror activities worldwide. Juma on the other hand is one of the students recruited by Sadiq. During the probe, Sadiq also divulged to the investigators that he arranged for Juma to travel to Iran and introduced him to the Qods Force contact, nicknamed "Parsa".  “Parsa" subsequently gave Juma a set of tasks and Western targets for future terror attacks in Nairobi.  Police arrested Juma on the November 19, upon his returned to Nairobi after having undertaken some military training in Iraq. Sadiq's and Juma's arrest came after months of secret intensive work by Kenyan Police, in cooperation with the other law enforcement agencies in Africa. The Iranian Qods Force has been trying to operate in Kenya for years to recruit young Muslims and train them to smuggle explosives in the country. However they are encountering rigorous efforts by Kenya Police and law enforcement agencies to foil terror activity in the country. See also: Pope: Trafficking in natural resources fuels 'instability', 'terrorism' The police are working closely with the local Shiite Muslim community to determine threats and locate anyone who may be working for the Iranian government against Kenyan interests. The last attempted attack by the Qods force in Kenya was foiled in January 2012, when two Iranian operatives were arrested with 15kg explosives. The two men, Ahmad Abolfathi Mohammad and Sayed Mansour Mousavi, were tried and convicted of committing acts intended to cause serious harm, including planning attacks in Kenya.

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Border dispute and security tension between #Kenya and #Ethiopia : three police officers killed | Diplomat News Network

Border dispute and security tension between #Kenya and #Ethiopia : three police officers killed | Diplomat News Network: "BORDER DISPUTE AND SECURITY TENSION BETWEEN #KENYA AND #ETHIOPIA : THREE POLICE OFFICERS KILLED

Ethiopian army is currently the fifth largest force in Africa after the collapse of the Somali central government in 1991, where Algeria, Nigeria, Egypt and South Africa are more heavily armed forces in the continent .
Nairobi,Kenya ( Standardmedia + DIPLOMAT.SO) – As security and media sources – The Kenya Defence Force (KDF) has moved its armoured vehicles and tanks from the Odha Military Camp in Moyale to Sololo following an invasion by Ethiopian forces who killed three police officers.

The development last evening follows a fierce gun battle earlier in the day between Kenya police and Ethiopian forces at Anona and parts of Sololo Township in Kenyan territory. Marsabit County Police Commander Bernard Kogo said three Kenyan security officers were killed but declined to reveal the casualty on the Ethiopian side. “We lost three officers at the border (Sololo) and I do not know what happened on their (Ethiopian) side,” said Mr Kogo.

On Thursday, a senior provincial administrator identified a senior chief who was gunned down by allegedly rebels from the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF).

Ethiopia is fighting the rag-tag OLF rebels in Ethiopia and parts of Marsabit County that it claims hosts their rivals.

OLF is opposed to Ethiopia’s ruling regime and claims it has marginalised the majority of Oromia-speaking people who include the Borana, also found in Kenya.

At dawn Friday, Ethiopian forces in full military attire invaded villages in Sololo District where locals led by area MP Roba Duba said at least 24 Kenyans were abducted.

“Eleven people were rounded up and taken away by Ethiopian soldiers. Before that they beat up everyone in their sight with gun butts, kicks and blows,’’ said Adan Jirma, a resident of Sololo South.

At around midday Friday, Ethiopians soldiers made a second invasion in the two centres while backed by armoured vehicles. This prompted administration and regular police, backed by Kenya police reservists, to engage the foreign army in a shootout.

As the gun battle between the two sides raged up to about 4pm Friday, KDF’s army multi-unit detachment from Odha in Moyale, about 100km away, rolled its armoured cars and tanks that were deployed at the border, stretching a distance of about 15km.

Sololo OCPD Benjamin Mwanzia said the military had been deployed to guard against further incursion but declined to give details.

National Hospital Insurance Fund Chairman Mohamud Ali called on the Kenya Government to protest what he called frequent invasion by Ethiopian forces into Kenyan territory. “We are a sovereign state and this (invasion) is bad because Ethiopia is considered a friendly neighbour. It is high time our government sends a strong signal to them,” said Ali. Mid this year, Ethiopian forces invaded Kenyan territory on three occasions — at Illeret, Sololo and Moyale.

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