Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kenya: Country Ranks High in Illicit Human Trafficking

Kenya still ranks high in the world as a centre for human trafficking. Chief executive of the Centre for Domestic Training and Development Edith Murogo says the country remains a major source, transit point and destination for victims of human trafficking. CDTD is involved in rehabilitation of victims of human trafficking and Murogo says they are still carrying out research on the actual extent to which Kenya is affected by the illegal trade in humans.

Murogo says the new laws on Counter Trafficking in Persons are yet to be effective in dealing with trade in humans. "The human trafficking problem is enormous in Kenya and it involves cartels which are very difficult to deal with but we are looking at ways to help end the problem at least within our country," said Murogo.

The organisation has been dealing with an increasing number of victims of human trafficking but the cost of rehabilitating them is high. So far, the organisation has been rehabilitating more than 50 victims including those from outside the country. "The problem is compounded by lack of funds for us to deal with the issue in a forceful way," said Murogo. The organisation receives capacity building support from the International Organisation of Migrations (IOM).

CDTF currently runs a home for rehabilitating most from Ethiopia heading to South Africa. IOM representative in Kenya Ashraf Nour says they were impressed with organisations like CDTF which they have been dealing with for some time. Ashraf says the new laws on human trafficking would help to deal with the challenge.

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