Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mandera clashes continue beween Ethiopian Somalian and Kenyan groups over a year now

Mandara has been the center  of conflict now for over two years. It is a city located between Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia. This an article by Kenyan daily nation only showing the Kenyan side of the story. We can still discern the words between the line.

Demonstrators outside Harambee House, Nairobi on May 10,2011 asked the government to ensure the protection of civilians living along the Kenya-Ethiopia  Border. Photo/WILLIAM OERI
Photo/FILE Demonstrators outside Harambee House, Nairobi on May 10,2011 asked the government to ensure the protection of civilians living along the Kenya-Ethiopia Border.
Posted Sunday, March 4 2012 at 12:59
Two people have been kidnapped from Mandera by militia based along the Kenya\Ethiopia border, leaders said.

Markarmani councilor Abdi Gulia, Mzee Roble Mohamed Ali, Mohamed Adan Osman and Mohamed Ali Mohamed claimed the militia whose members defected from the Somalia Transitional Federal Government abducted two people from the area last Thursday.
Cllr Gulia told journalists in Nairobi that those kidnapped were Aden Yusuf Abdille and Ahmed Isaack Gure.
Earlier on, the elders said, the militia who operate about a kilometer inside the Kenyan border, killed a relief worker, Adow Mohamed, and have been launching persistent attacks in Mandera.
According to the elders, who are members of a committee recently formed by government to work for peace between the Degodia and Gabbra communities, the clashes are a bid to control county elective seats in the next general elections.
They also denied that a Nairobi businessman Sheikh Mohamed Nur popularly known as “Burhan” was fanning the violence saying “in fact he is the one who has been spearheading for peace in Mandera for years.”
“Those claiming Sheikh Mohamed is arming locals are not interested in peace in the area. They only want to tarnish his name as a leader and undermine other peoples’ rights,” Cllr Gulia said.
They claimed Sheikh Mohamed was being targeted by his business rivals and some politicians for his role in empowering Mandera residents and efforts to unite them.
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They accused leaders from a certain community of evicting the Degodia who are the second largest community in Mandera from the county to prevent them from vying for governor, MP and other political positions in the area.
The elders petitioned the government to ensure peace is fully restored in Mandera and that all communities enjoy their democratic right to participate in elections.
“Mandera is our home and we are not going anywhere. What we want is peace,” Mzee Ali said.
The elders said none of their community members was part of the Al-shabaab militia adding that they were ready to work with the government for peace along the Kenya\Ethiopia border.
Moyale has also been hit by sporadic clashes between the Gabra and Borana Communities since November last year despite peace efforts to unite the two communities.
Fierce fighting between the Gabra and Borana ethnic groups broke out late Thursday in areas close to Kenya’s border with Ethiopia.
Clashes between the rival cattle herding pastoralists in the region are common, with herders often carrying guns to protect their animals.

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