Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kenya : Leaders reject political pact made in Ethiopia-Standard Digital :

A section of leaders from Marsabit County have dismissed a political agreement reached in Ethiopia recently by their rivals.
The leaders accused the country of trying to influence the outcome of next polls in the region.

During a meeting in Huruma, Nairobi, the leaders mainly from Borana community asked the Ethiopia Government to stop meddling in Marsabit County politics.
The meeting that was attended by members of the community living in Nairobi was led by Moyale MP Mohammud Ali and Supreme Council of Kenya Muslim (Supkem) Secretary General Aden Wachu. They vowed to reject an alleged decision arrived at a Borana cultural event, under the watch of senior Ethiopian Government authorities, which allegedly endorsed a candidate for Marsabit Governor seat.
A section of Borana leaders had sought the help of their traditional ruler (Abba Gadha) Guyo Gobba to mediate between two aspirants who are eyeing the seat. The meeting took place at Shawa Bare School in Ethiopia.
But Ali did not attend the meeting. The traditional ruler declared his opponent Chachu Tadicha as the community’s nominee for the post.
Five meetings
But Monday, members of the community castigated the involvement of Ethiopia leaders in the decision.
“The meeting that was held in Ethiopia and under the watch of the country’s senior Government officials had a hidden agenda. We have no problem with Abba Gadha, but we are concerned with the decision taken at the meeting, which was dictated by Ethiopian officials,” said Christopher Galgalo, a member of Borana professional forumat ye.
A Borana Council of Elder member Kanchora Liban said traditions dictate five meetings to be held before a decision is made. He faulted the ruling made, saying it was taken after area MP failed to appear at the meeting.
Wachu, who is eyeing Moyale parliamentary seat, urged residents to disregard the decision taken through the influence of Ethiopian authorities and rally behind Ali’s candidature for Marsabit Governor seat.

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