Monday, September 17, 2012

War in Mandera continues Police Officers Injured at The Kenya-Ethiopia Border - Citizen News

The officers were part of a contigent of security personnel patrolling the Kenya-Ethiopia border  when their vehicle was hit by a remotely controlled improvised explosive device in Malkasuput area near Dawa River.
Mandera East OCPD Jackson Rotich said the first explosive device targeting four police officers on foot patrol went off at 10.30am, but none of the officers was injured. Rotich said the officers called for help and as administration police officers rushed to the scene, a second explosion occurred.
“The explosion hit their vehicle from behind seriously injuring two officers. The officers are in stable condition and they have been rushed to Mandera district hospital,” Rotich said.
He said a major operation to nab the attackers has been mounted along the Kenya-Ethiopia border.
“We have arrested several suspects who are being interrogated by my officers,” Rotich added. 
The attack on the security officers comes a day after police arrested two suspected al-qaeda linked terrorists and recovered 6 very powerful explosive-laden vests, four guns, 12 hand grenades and over 400 bullets in Nairobi’s Eastleigh estate.
Police have launched a manhunt for 8 suicide bombers suspected to have been preparing to carry out terror attacks using the weapons recovered.
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