Friday, June 7, 2013

Somalia:Alshabab displays Kenyan soldiers held hostage.

Kismayu-( residents of Jilib town which is situated at the lower Juba region say that Alshabab yesterday evening displayed 2 men who they claimed were among the Kenyan troops.
Alshabab said that they caught the two men during a planned attack at a town near the Somali border.
The islamists addressed the residents while security was tight and heavy artillery such as anti aircrafts was displayed.
On other news from Kamsuma town in the lower juba region say that a man was shot dead at a local parade organized by the islamist fighters. The man was shot as hundreds of residents watched him. The man was accused of witch craft which is prohibited in Islam.
Alshabab accused the man of possessing snakes and crocodiles and accused the man of using them to kill people.
Recent news from Kismayu report that there is anxiety and fear among the residents of Kismayu as two tribal militia groups face each other.
This comes as communication of the city is cut off leading to prices of food commodities doubling in the past few days in the region.
Al Shabaab oo soo Bandhigay Maxaabiis Ciidamo Kenyan ah
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