Thursday, August 22, 2013

Kenyadeployed Marine police to Todonyang Turkana near Ethiopian Border over insecurity

By Lucas Ngasike

TURKANA, KENYA: The Kenya Marine police have been deployed to Todonyang border point along Lake Turkana to contain Merille militia threats on Kenya â€“ Ethiopia border.
Turkana Police commander Emmanuel Karisa said the police unit will patrol the area to ward off Ethiopian Merille militia who recently killed 11 fishermen in Lake Turkana and stole five boats and fishing gears.
The Police commander said the officers will set up base in Todonyang.
“They will be permanently based there to deal with Merille militia who have continued to threaten peace in the region," Karisa said.
For the last two weeks, the heavily armed militias have crossed to the country’s border and took 90 percent control of Lake Turkana and dominated fishing activities in the area after they sent locals fleeing for their safety.
Karisa said the marine police will also carry out their security surveillance along Lake Turkana to curb illegal incursion by the militia into Lake Turkana.
Turkana North DC Eric Wanyonyi said the Merille militias had encroached more than 14 km insideKenyan territory at the river Omo delta in the lake where there are abundant fish stocks.
“We will soon flush them out from Kenyan territory.We cannot condone armed foreigners crossing into the country to displace locals and take control of Lake Turkana resources," Wanyonyi said.
The DC said they had also contacted Ethiopian authorities to restrain its people from crossing to Kenya borders with arms.
"We have made it clear to them that they should not blame us for any consequences arising from these illegal incursions," he added.
The administrator noted that the Merille militias have occupied Kenyan territory citing Lopeilele and Apalokwang deltas which lies inside Kenyan borders.

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