Friday, October 18, 2013

Kenya: 53 Ethiopian Migrants Held

POLICE in Archers Post in Samburu county are holding 53 Ethiopian nationals arrested yesterday on their way to Nairobi. The Ethiopians in their early 20s were arrested near Lososia and Archers post in Samburu counties on their way to Isiolo and then Nairobi.
Samburu police boss Samuel Muthamia said the foreigners will be charged for being in the country illegally. They came to Kenya in search for menial jobs to feed their starving families.
They told police that they were promised jobs by brokers who abandoned them when they realised police were on their trail. There has been mass exodus of ethiopian aliens into the country claiming heading to south Africa in search of employment.
"The suspects have know valid documents and could not express themselves in any other launguage except Amharic,"said the police chief. He said the police have errected police barriers randomly a cross the region to control illegal immigration of aliens into the country.
Mr Samuel blamed the vastness of the region for the runaway influx of foreigners in to kenya through Moyale on Kenya-Ethiopia borders. "The new law on human trafficking will help us pin down the local involved in habouring and trafficking in human in the region," said OCPD.
Last week, police called on the government to help them enforce the new trafficking law to curb cases of human traficking in the region. They said the penalties imposed on the aliens and the traffickers were linient and that strict penalties imposed to deter them from the activities.

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