Ethiopian officials were not immediately available for comment
About 50 Ethiopian soldiers have allegedly crossed into Kenya where they took over a police station for several hours, a local Kenyan official said Tuesday.
“They entered Kenya in many army vehicles; they were all armed,” Ali Iyeese, an official in Kenya’s Marsabit County, told Anadolu Agency.
“They completely overran the police station in North Horr,” he said.
According to Iyeese, Ethiopian soldiers stayed for about two hours, surveying the area and taking photos.
The Illeret police station in Kenya’s North Horr Marsabit County is less than 20 kilometers from the Ethiopia border.
The Kenyan army, for its part, has remained tightlipped about the reported incursion, despite several attempts by Anadolu Agency to obtain comment.
Ethiopian officials, meanwhile, were not immediately available to comment on the allegation.