Sunday, February 8, 2015

Marsabit politicians and chiefs giving Ethiopian immigrants IDs, say State investigators

Marsabit politicians and chiefs giving Ethiopian immigrants IDs, say State investigators BY ALI ABDI Updated Sunday, February 8th 2015 at 00:00 GMT +3 Share this story:   In a shocking revelation about how politicians take national security for granted, government agencies are investigating claims that some politicians in Marsabit County are ‘importing’ voters from across the border as they prepare for the 2017 polls. Investigators are zeroing in on chiefs and their assistants who are allegedly used by  politicians to issue Ethiopians with Kenyan national identity cards so they can help tilt the scales in their favour in the next polls. Marsabit leaders now want the National Government to arrest those politicians involved. Intelligence sources from the vast county indicate that the chiefs and elders, who are members of their respective vetting committees, are used by politicians to help the foreigners get the document. Senior members of the vetting committees include assistant county commissioners, deputy county commissioner (DCs), an officer from the National Intelligence Service (NIS) and Registrar of Persons or their representatives. Chiefs and elders vet those seeking IDs on behalf of the committee. National security The plot, according to sources, is to enroll the aliens as voters in various constituencies and wards in the 2017 elections. Most of these ‘imports’ are able-bodied men with an average age of 30 years but most do not speak either English or Kiswahili. “Foreigners from southern Ethiopia have been given Kenyan IDs. More are lined up to get Kenyan citizenship and we are probing this matter as it also touches on national security,” said Kipchumba Rutto,  the deputy county commissioner. “We also know that the aliens are given IDs so they can be registered as voters in the 2017 General Election.” Mr Rutto said authorities believe rival politicians use the chiefs and village elders to recruit the foreigners.  However, Governor Ukur Yattani dismissed the claims and accused Rutto of masquerading as a deputy county commissioner

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